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I recommend wooden wall panels for those who love luxurious interiors, but some people think that it is hard to be changed or remodeled once it has been installed. If your wooden wall panels doesn’t give kind of impression that you expect from a home decor and you think about whole way remodeling to replace those wall panels, you can find out here some ideas to do so with some alternative ways that enhance your home even with the existing wall panel. (or find more at

First of all you can paint your wall panel with different painting is one from some ways to enhance that wooden wall panel with modern charm. Ensure to sand the wall panel lightly before applying any paint color.
 wood wall panels contemporary

 wooden decorative wall panel furniture

 Carved wooden wall art panels

 wooden wall panels for living room

Since, you are aiming for a modern style wall panel, the color option can be stark while, black, or another lighter shade. However, if you prefer bright color for new born wooden wall panels, turquoise or coral will do. Adding wallpaper onto wall panels, this is also a good idea to drag modern feel out from the wall panels. Fortunately, it is very easy for you to get wallpaper pattern and color that accentuate modern to your wall panel as there is plenty of selection which are available. But make sure that you know how to buy that wallpaper properly.

High gloss wooden wall panels

Refinish the surface of wooden wall panels that install somewhere inside your home, this also can successfully turn your outdated wall panel with the new breeze. When you decide refinishing your wall panel as your option, then you need only to sand, then stain that wall panel and if you want to do some extra work, you can add certain color as its finish which offers harmony with the rest of home decor. The last idea to dismiss the lame look of those wall panels, you can add trimming treatment to your wall panels by installing decorative molding to it.

wood wall panels for office

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